Wednesday, 8 April 2015

mou boots leading in fashion and style

Looking for that stylish confident appearance during winter?

MOU Boots is the way to go.

The organization presents to its customers creatively designed boots that exhibits high level of style and elegance. They are made from the finest leather, rubber and other materials, giving their users exceptional comfort while at the same time ensuring that customers well toned leg skin is not destroyed by dust, water or other objects that can scratch it.

For the ladies, these boots are a must have. Boots are among the trendiest items today. Matched with the right dressing, they portray ladies as people with good taste in dressing and keep them in the fashion mainstream.

MOU Boots compliments the dress or denim that they put on especially during the cold season. Boots are also a must have among males. They are great wears for the macho male. They present such males as people who are confident with themselves and with whatever surrounds them.

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About MOU

Shelley Tichborne founded mou from London's Portobello Road in 2002, out of a desire to create original, luxurious footwear as an antidote to the pressures of modern city-living.

Picked up by passing stylists and buyers, the brand's popularity grew through word of mouth. Now the comfort boots of choice for A-list stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, mou boots have a uniquely rugged look with a distinctly maverick spirit. Look out for classic mou styles including the antelope cowboy boot, calfskin slipper, eskimo, blizzard and goatskin nanuk.
Cult London label mou offers original, hand-crafted footwear in premium natural fibres. Warm, durable and sensually soft, mou shoes are loved by fans for the offbeat back-to-nature feel and eclectic styling.
At mou, ethical and eco-friendly production is a priority. Design innovation combines with traditional hand-craft manufacturing techniques, to maximise the natural beauty of leathers in the collection. Styles are created with comfort in mind and feature long-lasting soles and finishings.