Thursday, 4 January 2018

Mou Boots Make Your Feet Like Heaven

MOU BOOTS was founded by Shelley Tichborne in 2002 out of a special want to create comfortable yet sophisticated foot wear as a remedy to the distress of modern day living. The word 'Mou' of French origin literally means 'Soft to the touch' and the boots designed, prove to be in every way and stay true to their name. It quickly became noticed by the more, highly eclectic crowd of the fashion world including stylists and buyers who did not worry too much about the price. The brand's popularity soon grew and has now become the comfort footwear of choice for stars such as Ms.Diaz or the lovable Gwyneth Paltrow. These boots are said to possess a typically rugged look with an eccentric rebel spirit that sets them apart from the crowd.

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The most famous among these styles are some of the classic Antelope Cowboy boot, Blizzard, Mou Eskimo, Calf skin Slipper and Goatskin Nanuk. The Cult London Mou is stated to offer original, hand crafted footwear in high quality, premium fibres. Some of the features that make these boots so unique, pricey and yet sought after is the fact that they are warm, long lasting and sultrily soft. What more can one ask for? These shoes are especially famous and loved my many the world over for having quirky, back to nature, feel and an eccentrically, intriguing style. Although not entirely water- resistant, the boots are mostly water—proof with the capability to endure light showers or even snow. Care needs to be taken based on the materials used for the products. For example, boots that have been made out of wool needs to be rinsed with a sponge dipped in mild soap and sparingly lukewarm water. The process is then repeated with cold clean water and then let to dry naturally.

The ethnic yet environment friendly production of these products was the main aim and sole driving force of Mou. The innovative design schemes, coupled with the traditional hand—craft production techniques served to ultimately maximize the integral natural beauty and richness of the leathers made in the collection. The wide range of interesting styles that were designed were solely created with the purpose of giving warmth and easy of comfort to the masses who were going to use the product and also provide long lasting soles and accessories. Mou reached an extremity in fame and success, going so far as to be published in a multitude of magazine issues such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan magazine, In Style magazine, Glamour, etc.